Enjoy the most powerful self empowerment tool available. Proactive Breath & Bodywork is perfect for everyone! When you learn this simple and efficient process, you will feel know how quickly the body relaxes, the mind expands, and limiting life patterns begin to unravel. Every module of the facilitator path offers the perfect combination of personal growth and the precise tools to share with others.

Certification Facilitator Path

Breath Basics

In two impactful days, you will receive full sessions and also learn the basics of giving Proactive Breathwork sessions. This module shares the overview of what to look for in breathing patterns, how to shift those patterns to create more flow and expansion (in breathing and in life). Prepare yourself for change! This high energy weekend will break patterns in your breathing patterns and allow you to feel the power of Proactive Breath & Bodywork. You can start giving sessions!

Body Basics

Make your practice more efficient as you experience and learn the 'Science of Emotions' (inner motion). Discover how various mind states show up in the body language and breathing patterns, and know how to utilize simple yet profound body manipulations to condition new passions and playfulness in the body. This powerful two day module empowers you embody what you think you already knew.


Learn what is happening inside the body and mind throughout a Proactive Breathwork sessions. This will allow you to not only recognize the patterns that show up in private sessions, but it empowers you to guide the breather with comfort and ease without tension, tetany, or sensory overload. This module is two full days of fun and growth.

Breath Advanced

Two more days of shifts and inner passion! This is where the confidence begins to grow from within and momentum speeds up. The previous sessions and experiences become wisdom, and the new inisght become conditioned into excellence. The practice becomes solid and a new vision begins to pull you into new opportunities. Really acknowledging different breathing patterns flows easily.

Body Advanced

Finish with three days of practice that shifts towards coaching skills integrated into each session. Perfect the skills of acknowledging breathing patterns, body language, intuitive insight, and body manipulation techniques. Enjoy unique empowerment processes to enjoy a new life and prepare to offer the skills in a bigger way. Raise your vision with compete presence and clarity of how to surrender to what is next in life.


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